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Tips & Tricks for trade show success - a consumer's guide to a fun event!

One thing you can always count on at an expo is a great family experience. Expos and trade shows are always known to be a great time for families to attend with countless activities for children and toddlers to interact with. Many even allow you to bring the furry family members to be apart of the day. In a lot of cases there are so many things happening around the event that it’s easy to miss the scheduled events. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your trade show and expo events! 

1. Always pack for a few hours. Lines can be long in some cases so see if they have the option for express passes, this can be the difference between a total melt down with a child and being able to get everywhere quicker and more efficiently. 

2. Check out their social media pages a few weeks before the event and follow the pages of the businesses attending the events, many will have giveaways and interactive activities to do at their booths. By following them online you know what to expect. 

3. Always grab the hand outs! The programs provided for the events are usually online a few days before the event, this will give you more information as to who is where and what time the events are happening. Some vendors wait until the last minute to register for events and sometimes aren’t on the programs so make sure you ask staff about things if you have any questions... after all, they are there to help! 

4. Be courteous! Everyone is always in a rush at these events and it can get crowded quickly. Be kind to everyone you see and the vendors everyone is trying their absolute best! It’s easy to get frustrated with 300 kids running around and product selling from the booths faster than it can be put up. If something isn’t available 90% of the time the vendor will make a special order for you. 

5. Check in on social media! By checking in on Facebook it shows more people about the event, it allows your friends and family to see that you attended the event and it allows the event to be even more successful. After all... sharing is caring! 

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