Simply put, we do events. But events aren’t simple to do. And we understand that!
We don’t believe in “too big” or “too small.” We believe in knock-your-socks-off awesome, no matter what that looks like in your mind. We carefully procure and execute every event that finds its way to us. We delve into the details and own the outcome.

Our OnTime Events team tackles tasks including:

  • Audio/visual

  • Custom collateral creation

  • Entertainment

  • Event-branded elements

  • Floral and decor

  • Food and beverage

  • Logo design

  • Management of donation logistics

  • Production schedules and floor plans

  • Staffing and running the show

  • Staging, lighting and sound

  • Vendor negotiation and management

  • Venue selection and management

A positive impression is essential. Ask yourself: Does it make sense to risk your reputation? If not, you’ve come to the right place!


We prefer to think limits are meant for interstates and white elephant exchanges, not corporate events. In other words, limits? We don’t have any!

This is just a taste of the types of events we’ve taken from idea to incredible success:

  • Employee recognition events

  • Annual meetings with big-time speakers

  • Corporate anniversaries

  • Fundraisers

  • Team building

  • Grand openings

  • Client courting

  • Press and media conferences

  • All-star events


When it comes to putting together an event that’ll make a ton of people happy, it takes a certain expertise to make everything tick. Professional corporate event planning services take care of all the details and conquer major concerns before they become problems. At OnTimel Events, we also have a habit of saying yes. If you want something weird, we’re your people. On the hunt for something unconventional? We’ve got you covered. Seeking a more traditional get-together? We take care of those, too!

When it comes to planning a corporate event, the last thing you want is to discover you don’t have anyone on hand who understands how to deal with the intricate details. Fortunately, you’ve found us! Ready to learn more about our corporate event management services? 




From major scale conferences with 100+ people to small business meetings with just a handful OnTime events can make your conference custom to your brand standards, needs and budget!

Corporate Parties

Our dedicated team is here to make your event memorable for a lifetime! With onsite support to make any request no matter how big happen just as you want and invision it!

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I, Valerie Hoeflicher, have been appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Saskatchewan to perform Civil Ceremonies. It would be my pleasure to help you create your special day tailored to your happily ever after.

As a team member with On Time Events, we will not only marry you, but help you with any planning of your special day! Call the professionals, call On Time Events today.